INCREON is different, is more than a normal agency, and is definitely not your average advertising agency. INCREON creates values and success for brands, markets, and business developments.

  • 2000 in March the agency was founded
  • 2007 Shanghai office opens
  • 32 core employees in Munich
  • 6 core employees in Shanghai
  • 60 freelancers in our network
  • International partners for marketing localization
  • 100% ownership of INCREON Shanghai Co. Ltd.
  • 100% ownership of INCREON Spain SL.
  • 50% ownership of eesy eService System GmbH
  • 3,01 million EUR gross income in 2014
  • 20,08 million EUR equivalent billings in 2014 (GWA)
When what counts isn’t the size of the agency,but the size of the service.

This is what we do …

Our marketing is strategic and holistic. Our design is integrated, clear, and direct. Our technical solutions are intuitive to use and right-sized.

Just to compare …

In the current agency ranking in Germany, we are among the Top 100 of owner-managed agencies and among the Top 200 of all communication agencies.