Appearance, brand development

The branding of products by companies is not new. In all advanced civilizations, labeling and branding have served to build trust through a distinctive identity. Branding is therefore a typical characteristic of all developed economic systems.

Today, labeling and branding are more important than ever. Increased competition, which brings frequent mergers and corporate takeovers with it, increasingly forces the decision to retain the existing brand or to create a new brand. The idea behind this is often the desire to bundle marketing investments effectively in the long term. As an agency for corporate identity, we have specialized in services to accompany you from positioning and developing your logo to standardizing your corporate design manual and implementing corporate identity and corporate design guidelines.

In our globalized markets, recognition has become extremely important. Aspects of uniform branding and uniform brand design are coming into focus. The communication of a consistent brand image is more important than ever in order to reach a more and more mobile customer in the long term. Standardization also results in cost savings.

For companies which introduce innovative products or services on the market, communicating a consistent message to the market from Day One results in substantial advantages. In the best case, one’s own brand name can lead to an iconic brand (name brand is used to refer to generic products or services in the entire category of such products or services).

There are many reasons to execute consistent branding for companies and products. Its goal is always to lend the product or service a unique image which is relevant in the marketplace.

Elements of Branding

Important elements of branding include:

  • The brand name.
  • The graphic presentation in the form of colors, logo, font, and image style.
  • The design of the communication.