Corporate Design

Corporate design is not only the creation and use of a company emblem (as a word mark or word/image mark), but also includes the uniform design of all visual components to form an unmistakable corporate design. For this reason, corporate design contributes greatly toward:

  • Making inner mindsets and ideals recognizable to outside the company.
  • Profiling oneself recognizably in one’s market.
  • Reaching a consistent appearance both inside and outside of the company through the clear visual relationship of all communicative measures, which promotes trust and increases believability.
  • Strengthening the wellbeing, sympathy, and identification of employees.
A good corporate image does not live from a logo alone. The logo identifies, shows the brand, and stands for a company. It combines origin, tradition, and future. Along with the basic elements of font, color, and visual language, it clearly carries the brand and its values both inward and outward.

An essential component in addition to the basic elements is the design principle, the design grid. It defines the combination of logo, font, color, and image on an area. ‘Through the development of a corporate design in the agency, a system which permits many possibilities for combination arises, ensuring a high degree of brand recognition across a wide variety of media. This saves marketing costs because the wheel does not have to be invented again and again, and it ensures the consistent appearance of a brand worldwide.

A Functioning Corporate Design …

  • Is easy to notice
  • Stands on its own
  • Can be recalled easily (memorable)
  • Is durable
  • Can be extended
  • Is aesthetic
  • Is modern (contemporary perception)
  • Is emotionally steerable
Als Agentur für Corporate Design sind diese Anforderungen die Basis für ein markenstarkes Erscheinungsbild.