Corporate Publishing

Corporate publishing includes all journalistic prepared informational media with which you regularly communicate to your target audience. Corporate publishing has a high value for the maintenance of the corporate image and brand. Its success depends on professionalism: A good corporate medium offers exciting content as well as a pleasing design and the credible transmission of information. And … it profiles the brand and creates an emotional tie.

With a customer magazine, a customer newspaper, or a short customer newsletter, you can reach special target groups regularly and long-term in an interesting and entertaining manner. Through the objective editorial stance, you can represent the company, employees, partners, and environment in an authentic manner. As an agency, we support you in corporate publishing from A to Z: From the concept to the acquisition of advertisers, from the editorial work to the layout, from the production to the distribution of the magazine to your readers.


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Customer Magazines Inform

With the right information, prospective new customers can become convinced of the products and services of a company by a customer magazine. Regular customers will be reinforced in the correctness of their decision for the company and its products. The emotional effect of the brand grows, creates trust, and ensures loyalty.