Brochures, Annual Reports

Despite the advent of digitalization, marketing communication without printed materials in every possible form cannot be imagined. Brochures, sales literature, flyers, users’ manuals, invitations, greeting cards … printed media remain crucial and valuable. Holding something in the hand and reading it in black and white is still much more meaningful to many as viewing something on the monitor. Thus no corporate communication can do without printed media.

Corporate and annual reports have their own special quality. They are aimed at a rather heterogeneous readership consisting of investors, shareholders, employees, journalists, and business partners who wish to become informed about the company. The annual report has to fulfill several functions at once: It has to provide information in a very structured manner. It has to relay a feeling for the company and its values. It has to bridge the gap between informational content and emotion.

Corporate design forms the basis for the design and the visual language. The corporate design creates a hierarchy of the various print media from the sales flyer to the image brochure, and therefore determines the layout concept for, for instance, the image layer, general customer communication, and special product information. A clear picture of the company emerges beyond all communications goals, and each medium then “pays into” the brand and serves as a multiplier.

A Wide Variety

Printed information covers the spectrum from flyers and mailshots to high-quality marketing literature; classy, attention-getting brochures, and annual reports. We accompany you as a marketing agency from the idea to the artwork, design, layout, and copy, and also to the printing.