Sales Promotion

All activities of sales promotion have to be timed such that the customers are led from the time they notice your company, product, or service to the time the decision to buy is activated. This requires the coordination and integration of sales- and distribution-incenting activities. This is because these days, especially in the case of industrial goods, one can hardly win over a customer through just one contact or one discussion.

With increasing investment volume, the sales effort tends to become a complex project that stretches over several weeks and in which every single activity has to function. Sales promotion which is coordinated both before the product is on the market and while it is on the market can support the sale of a product during its entire life cycle.

Activities in the B2B Area

Experience shows that the interplay of several campaigns, occurring at different times, leads to success. Typical B2B sales promotion tools include:

  • Internet site
  • Product announcements
  • Articles in the trade press
  • Newsletter/Customer magazine
  • Brochures
  • Customer seminars/workshops
  • Exhibiting at trade fairs and trade shows
  • Demonstration and/or test center
  • Personal sales