Trade Fairs and Events

Trade Fairs

Where does a company show what it can do better than at a trade fair, trade show, event, or congress? The key is that a successful exhibit has to be thoroughly planned. How will the company respresent itself? Which message has the priority? And above all, which is the main goal of exhibiting? Image, gaining new customers, retaining existing customers, …?

The same questions arise when you think about an event. Here the use of budget and materials, and their effectiveness, have to be clear. Then even unusual and creative ideas can be implemented for your event.

From the ideas to the budgeting to the creative work and the production of your trade fair stand/booth, or your entire event, we are at your side in our agency.


Gleiche Fragestellungen ergeben sich, wenn Sie über einen Event nachdenken. Hier müssen zuerst Mitteleinsatz und Wirkung klar sein. Dann lassen sich auch ausgefallene und kreative Ideen für Ihre Veranstaltung umsetzen.

Determine Goals for Trade Fairs and Events

Success is a must. It can only be measured when clear goals are set beforehand. Budget, planning, the flow of events, invitations, organizing the registrations, advertising and promotion, and follow-up work after the event are the key factors. Measuring success comes at the end.