Positioning, Slogans

Positioning brings to the point what the company or product does for whom. The slogan is the most compact form of the advertising message. The positioning as a basis and the slogan as a promotional instrument support, expand on, and enrich the company or product name. They help to paraphrase the name or “load” its meaning with the right content. This is especially of interest when the existing name cannot be changed for a variety of reasons.

INCREON develops positioning and slogans in the context of naming and/or branding. We work very closely with our customers during this process, because as a prerequisite, together the existing visual and verbal deficits in the communication have to be identified and analyzed. Only on this basis can positioning and slogan be developed to complement, change, or newly convey the message.

The slogan

  • Speaks to the advantages that the product or brand has for its buyer.
  • Is a simple, direct, pithy, crisp, and apt statement.
  • Has something personal and special about it.
  • Transmits a believable and vivid impression of the product or service.
  • Anchors itself into one’s memory by means of sounds, clever twists of meaning, and the combination of optical and acoustic stimulus.