Directories, Web Portals

Directories in the World Wide Web and Web portals are an intrinsic part of the Internet. Web directories are welcome instruments for searches. In the B2B area, directories offer companies which sell exclusively through dealers or resellers the opportunity to present products in catalogs and to reference sales partners, retail outlets, and service stations from there. For trade fair, trade show, and event organizers, an online fair/show directory is a field of application.

Web platforms open many-layered possibilities for the dialog with customers and those interested in your products and services. Web 2.0 offers new and highly interesting possibilities for customer and member communication as well. These applications will lead to even more long-term customer loyalty and/or retention in the future. As an agency, we accompany you in building Web directories and portals.

Customer Communication

Use the opportunity of Web-based communication with your customers for information and sales. We have the standard tools and individual solutions.