Internet and Intranet Sites

The effect and importance of Internet sites is still underestimated — especially in the business-to-business segment. This is true although the first bits of information about a company are often obtained from the Internet and the first contact often occurs through the Internet.

Alongside all the demands for an up-to-date website with meaningful content — web design is just as important. After all, it should be appealing to the eye as well as simply deliver information. Our agency takes into account your entire communication and the dictates of your corporate design when we consider the design of your website. In addition, we look at who the target audience is and which use the customer would like to have from the site. We also place a high value on how the user navigates through the site. Emotion and style follow.

Before the individual pages are programmed, there is a prototype. Here we test whether everything works as we planned it to, and test the “look and feel” of your new Internet site.

Remain Flexible

We implement Internet sites and websites solely with Web Content Management Systems. These have clean CSS templates in the background and allow you to easily changed content (graphics, texts, animations, etc.) anytime on your own. That gives you flexibility and keeps your website current.