Marketing – leading your company according to the dictates of the market … It sounds easy, but it usually isn’t. Determining the aims and deciding on the strategies toward reaching the goals is crucial for us. Before this step, we precisely analyze your internal marketing structure and your competitive environment. The holistic marketing consulting of our agency builds on this analysis, so that good ideas, beautiful graphics, and technically sophisticated applications work hand in hand for the success of your brand.

Where the answers are missing in marketing, we work with you together on the solutions. Define target groups; determine marketing, sales, and revenue targets; develop marketing strategies; fix the cornerstones of the marketing mix. And in the presentation, we bring all the players together into the same boat. This is because mid-term and long-term marketing plans can only be adopted and implemented in consensus.

We understand marketing consulting to be a cross-disciplinary function for all areas. Therefore, despite our very pragmantic way of working, we always do one thing after the other: The concept is the homework. Only then do the creation of the plan and the technical implementation follow. We are very consistent in this methodology.

Two areas of questioning are especially important to us:

  • First: What is the state of the power of innovation in your enterprise? Do you already have the products and services of tomorrow in your pipeline today?
  • Second: How is your sales excellence doing? Do you know how long which customers will be your customers? Do you know how to retain your customers and/or bring them closer to you, and how to gain new customers?

Consulting is the Basis

Our profound marketing knowledge and a view to the two important aspects innovation and sales excellence lead to pragmatic concepts and realizable solutions.