A“You can come up with the best strategy in world – the implementation is 90 percent of it.” Alfred Brittain says succinctly what the success of a new or updated corporate design can represent.

A uniform corporate identity or brand identity can only be reached when its users are open to the concept of corporate design and are convinced that it is of value. Through information and training, the users receive information assisting them to work with the technical tools provided to them. This refers to the use of the corporate design manual, templates, and databases, as well as the use of electronic templates for office communication. Also included are the use of templates in, for instance, Microsoft Powerpoint and for the website, and dealing with and forwarding the appropriate logo data to third parties. In larger companies, the logistic component is to be planned so that the implementation is successful from the start of the introduction of the new corporate design.

Get Everyone On Board

The best design is a poor investment when the management does not stand by it consistently and does not constantly promote observing the rules regarding the design’s use. Therefore it is so important to awaken excitement for the corporate design in all stakeholders and to convince them of the urgent need for a uniform appearance.