Advertising and Media

Newspapers, periodicals, popular magazines, special-interest magazines, trade press … there are many opportunities to place ads. It is important for us as an agency to place your advertisements precisely where they will reach your target audience with a high degree of assurance.

Because the contact with an advertisment is, as a matter of principle, rather short-lived, the advertisement has to transmit your message quickly and exactly. We plan, write copy for, and design your advertising or campaign. We choose the suitable media for your topic and create your personalized media plan in the framework of your budget and on the basis of established facts (target audience, profile of the periodical, circulation, reach, price per contact …). The placement of the advertisements is conducted, monitored, and invoiced by us.

Thinking about promotion in the Internet – online and offline: Many ways lead to more page views. We assist you in the areas of keywording, search engine optimization (SEO), banner communities, affiliate programs, banner advertising … or simply with promoting your website with the vehicles of classic communication.

Choose Media Purposefully

As an agency, we help our customers to navigate through the increasingly rapidly changing and fragmented media landscape, and to use the opportunities in the best possible manner for our customers’ marketing communication.