“Tell me your name and I’ll tell you who you are!” This saying is especially true for the names of companies, products, and services. From the branding strategy to the creation, we’re your agency for naming. We develop names for companies, products, services, and characters.

When we create a new name for you, we employ various creative techniques. Then we filter the resulting created words in several steps based on their usability.

In our agency, naming also includes name evaluation, because not every name can be used. Whether the chosen name already exists is checked for during the identity screening process. During the similarity screening we compare whether similar words are already registered in trademark registers.

If the brand should be used internationally, we test during the naming process whether the name harmonizes with the most commonly used languages in the target countries. This test serves to confirm that the new name can be pronounced in these countries as well, and that it does not have different or even negative meanings.

As a result of the naming process, you receive suitable naming choices along with a rationale for each.

Nomen est omen … The name is an omen!

Armin Bastl ist Stratege und kreativer Kopf der Agentur INCREON. Stationen: viele Jahre führende Positionen auf Unternehmensberatungs- und Agenturseite. Seit 1998 ist er Dozent für Naming, Branding, Marketing Communication und Internet, ist Autor diverser Veröffentlichungen und Handelsrichter. Seine Leidenschaft liegt in der Bildsprache. Denn das Bild und der sinnliche Auftritt einer Marke haben für ihn immer das letzte Wort im Wettbewerb um die Marken-Wahrnehmung und bei der Verbesserung der Marken-Performance.

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