Corporate Identity

Each company has a corporate identity, because company has a relationship to employees, suppliers, customers, investors … this interaction yields a picture of the company. Therefore, companies are perceived as a personality.

Not every company has to change something about its personality. But every company should take the time now and then to reflect whether one’s own view of one’s identity correlate with the current reality of the company. When a medium-sized manufacturing company has technically developed quite strongly, this has to flow into the communication to the world outside the company – from advertising to personal sales pitches. When a trade fair has developed from a regional to a national affair, this has to be made known to the industry. In such situations, the consistent corporate identity running through as a “thread” is important for a clear, distinctive image that builds trust.

The corporate identity (CI) as the sum of corporate design (CD), corporate communication (CC), corporate image (CI), and corporate behavior (CB) should be purposely shaped and steered especially during situations involving change. At these times, corporate identity is or becomes a tool for management to recognize structures, content, and the personality of the company. In short: It becomes a socially strategic element of branding.

How Can You Approach a Corporate Identity?

  • Analyze own identity and how others see your company; derive and devise strategic direction
  • Analyze and develop the market
  • Marketing communication
  • Implement
  • Continuous monitoring
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