Marketing Communication

In our business unit Marketing Communication, we offer you the services of a classic full-service advertising agency. Through the tight meshing of creative with technology, we achieve a high degree of integrated marketing communication. The creative work has to fulfill its mission: It has to be congruent, constant, and long-term to carry the brand. It has to be aesthetic. But it also has to sell … the brand, the product, the advantage. A targeted, focused sales perspective during the creation phase is of immense importance especially in the business-to-business area. For us at the marketing agency, it is a matter of course.

Exhausting technical possibilities is a key theme in all our communications projects. Where it is possible and makes sense, we network together corporate, customer, and/or product data with the creative work to go beyond pure direct marketing: Automatically generated catalogs from product and graphics databases, combining event invitations with event platforms, constructing Web-based customer databases with do-it-yourself updating functions in connection with automated sending mechanisms for mailings and e-mailings, erection of Web pages for the use of corporate design guidelines by employees, suppliers, and customers, … There are numerous examples.

All these projects have one thing in common: Many communications processes with employees, customers, and partners become more transparent, the creation processes of customized or individualized communications media become faster, and the efficiency of the individual projects in the marketing communication mix can be measured immediately.

This is what it’s about …

In principle, marketing communication is about active selling, systematically building up strong customer relationships, and continuously communicating to the market. This is exactly what we support you in doing as your marketing agency.