Conflict Research

Name suggestions are the result of the naming process. During the creative phase, we subject the names to an identity screening. This helps to avoid overlap with existing brands worldwide at an early stage in the process.

As soon as one or more names stand firm as favorites after the presentation, we recommend conflict research. This evaluation provides an overview of the same, similar, and related names within and outside of the respective relevant trademark classes for the chosen target countries. This intensive legal trademark conflict research provides you with a degree of certainty about your decision of about 90%.

Four Types of Research

Identity Screening Research

Assessment of existing word marks for identity or phonetic identity (WIPO, North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia). Goal: Eliminate in advance name ideas which are no longer available.

Identity Research

Research of existing word marks for identity or phonetic identity. Ideal for thorough research of the selected names in a limited number of countries.

Similarity Research for Word Marks

Check for existing word marks for phonetic and conceptional similarity in selected countries.

Similarity Research for Logos

Check for existing marks for visual similarity in selected countries.

Does It Make Sense or Not?

Conflict research provides a high degree of assurance regarding the registration of the brand (trademark). Are there identical matches or critical matches? Will the mark be contested?

When this is not the case, conflict research brings you an advantage in time, as you can start immediately with the work on corporate identity. Or would you and can you wait until the registration is processed on the national, European, or international level and only then start with the design as an important part of building the brand?