Brand Management

There are only a few principles for efficient brand management. Follow them and you will be successful. Long-term. At the center is the core message “Better to be first than better.” This motto has been confirmed time and time again through branding policy and branding strategy. Whoever is the first in the mind of the customer has already won. Imitators are always the second, who then have to argue that they are either cheaper or better or both. However, when customers have a choice, they would rather purchase the market leader, the original, or at the leading specialist. Only there do the customer’s perception of quality, experience, and recognition converge.

However, one thing has to be quite clearly differentiated: The brand, not the advertising itself, must be first in the mind of the customer. Emotional advertising does not automatically create an emotional brand. Only a clear marketing and positioning strategy, and a mature, vocal branding personality derived from the strategy lay the cornerstone for permanent and profitable advertising in the sense of branding. And then one creative idea – which divides the market for one’s benefit, to which one remains loyal, and which provides a clear image of the brand in the heads of the customers for the long term – is enough. This can happen when you create a new category, divide the market into black and white, and reposition the competition. Then brand success becomes market success.

Make Your Market

Whoever wants to exhaust the full potential of the market has to neutralize and reposition the competition in the minds of one’s customers. “Everything for everyone” is the antithesis of success where brand management is concerned.