The customers, the market, the trends, the competitors, the environment … knowing them all – we reach this through primary and secondary market research and marketing research in the agency, and in the best case with your customers or prospective customers at the table. The corresponding results are delivered to you by our marketing analysis.

Innovation Screening

  • When is the last time you really put your product and service offering to the test?
  • Do you know your opportunities, potential, markets, target groups, …?
  • WWhich innovations from your organization have a chance in the marketplace?
In our innovation screening process, we analyze, test, and make concrete statements concerning your opportunities for success. The evaluation of the results is important. Bringing the results of this special marketing research into the big picture for companies and situations is the decisive factor. In the end, you have to know what is relevant for the future.

Marketing Research

Recognize trends and fashions at the right time, identify the opportunities and risks for the success of the company … marketing research improves information for decision-makers.