Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is only successful when it is systematically prepared and carried out. Especially important is the base of addresses! The better the address data is maintained, the more personally the appropriate people can be addressed — by letter, fax, or e-mail mailing, by telephone, or by direct sales.

Whether one-step or multi-step direct marketing campaigns, we’re at your side in the agency from the beginning to the end: From planning the concept and designing the database, to generating the pieces and implementing the plan, and finally measuring the success rate.

All in all, a direct marketing campaign is about triggering a response. The recipient should order something, request something, reveal something of him- or herself. The clear offer and the explicit invitation to act are the focus of the efforts.

An Outlook

Classic direct marketing in the form of addressed promotional mailings, Internet mailings, telephone marketing, and e-mail marketing will become even more powerful. Functioning as a pre-sales tool or as a substitute for a sales representative, these instruments have a high value in B2B marketing.